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Catton12 - Backyard Ultra

Saturday 8th May 2021 @ Catton Park, DE12 8LN

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Running a 6.7km trail lap in under an hour is pretty easy. 

Running a 6.7km trail lap on the hour, every hour, twelve times isn't.

Race Format

Based on the backyard race format, the Catton12 is a true test of running endurance, skill and tactics.  When the race starts competitors have one hour to complete a lap and be back ready to start the next lap, which begins exactly one hour later.  If a runner misses the cut off time, they are eliminated from the race. The race continues for 12 laps. If there is only one runner left on course for the final lap they must complete the route in under an hour to be crowned the winner.  If there is more than one runner left for the final lap the winner is the first over the line on that final circuit.  Anyone that completes all 12 laps will have covered 80km/50miles.

2021 Results


2021 Event Photos

We have a massive gallery of photos from the event, here's just a few.  To see them all head to our photographer Wayne Jackson's Flickr page.


The Route

The race route is at Catton Park, home of Conti Thunder Run 24hr, but uses a different course.  The route comprises of multiple terrains and surfaces to keep things interesting lap after lap.  Expect some grassy fields, technical woodlands, gravel tracks, cheeky climbs and fast sections.


Ahead of the event competitors will be sent a GPX file in case they need it as part of their race preparation.  But be assured the route will be clearly marked.  Also, just for a bit of added fun & spice we will set up a number of Strava segments on the course, although these will have no bearing on the results.  They're just for bragging rights!

Keeping it fun all day long!

A backyard ultra is what you make it.  It's your race at your pace!  It's not just for the crazy-fit, crazy-fast guys at all.  After all, it would be possible to walk the course in under an hour if you got a good stride on.  You can call it a day at any point too, so anyone can get involved and set their own target, whether that's reaching a certain number of laps, the whole distance or aiming for the win.

What we do want is for everyone to have a great time and we will be adding in plenty of spot prizes for those really entering into the spirit of things.  We want to see plenty of 'well dressed' runners, costume changes, good hearted banter and encouragement, cartwheels and load of fun and games throughout the day.

Our commentators, marshals and event crew will be there cheering you all on, plus there will be a great selection of music and entertainment pumping out through the day.


Event Details

Where: Catton Park, Walton on Trent, DE12 8LN

When: Saturday 8th May 2021

Site open: 6:30am

Race start: 9:00am

Race finish: Before 9:00pm... 


You can expect all the usual facilities at the event, including free parking.  With non-essential retail being allowed to return we will have some great companies in attendance (Covid mitigiation measures will be in place); you'll be able to check out Harrier UK, Big Bobblehats and Chapter Brewing at the event, plus there will be other takeaway food and drink available to buy on site.  Plus, assuming Covid restrictions allow, we will also offer camping the night after the run so no one has to drive home tired.

Aid Stations

The Catton12 is going to be a cup free event.  Given the current situation we would advise runners to be self sufficient and come prepared with all the food and drink they need for the run.  However, we will be offering a 'contact free' water station in the start/finish area, where you can get your bottles, cups and hydration packs refilled.  


As this is a lapped race we will offer an area next to the start corral for runners to store their food, drinks, spare shoes, etc, which will be accessible at the end of each lap.  Any items stored in this area are left at the owner's own risk.


Tophies will be awarded to the top 3 male & female finishers (only runners completing the whole distance within the alloted time will be eligible).  You can also expect some great prizes from our event partners, including Harrier UK and Big Bobble Hats, going to the podium finishers as well as some spot prizes. There will be no separate age group categories.


Finishers' Mementos

When a competitor finishes or is eliminated from the race they will be handed a well earned finisher's beer (vegan friendly) supplied by the Chapter Brewing micro brewery and wooden medal made from sustainable sources.  You also will get the option to choose to have an event t-shirt, if you do not want a shirt we will make a donatation to a tree planting charity instead.  Tech tees have a surprisingly large environmental impact which is why we would prefer to put the money into a good cause instead if the shirt isn't gong to be worn.  

Event photos will also be available to all free of charge.


There will be a fully qualified first aid team on hand that the event.  Be sure to write any relevant medical information on the back of your bib-number



Provided that restrictions allow and we feel it is safe to do so, camping at the event is offered free of charge to all competitors for the night of 8th May only.  Ideally, we do not want anyone driving home tired so if we can offer this facility, please feel free to stay the night and leave, well rested on the Sunday.

In line with the government roadmap it is expected that self contained accommodation will be permitted in time for the event.  This means that we will not be able to offer shared facilities, such as showers.

Again, restrictions allowing, there will be food, drink and some entertainment on after the race on the Saturday night so do join us for this.  If you just want to get some shut eye there will be plenty of space in the camping field so you can find a nice quiet corner away from any noise.

No public generators are allowed on site.

Strictly no open fires, fire pits or Chinese lanterns.  BBQs are fine so long as they are kept off the ground.  If you choose to have a BBQ ensure that you have adequate fire fighting equipment with you.

Keep all dogs on a short lead at all times and clean up after them.  Only walk you dog in the campsite and start/finish field.  Do not walk the course with your dog, 


Race Rules

The Catton12 is based on the widely recognised rules for Backyard Ultra events.

  • Course distance is to be 4.167 miles/6.7km.

  • The start corral will be sized to fit all the competitors whilst maintining social distancing protocals.

  • To be elligible to start a lap of the race, runners must be in the start corral when the bell/horn/gun is sounded.

  • The first lap starts at 9:00am.  Each subsequent laps starts 1 hour after the last.

  • All runners must start at the bell, no late starters are allowed.

  • Runners must stay on the marked route until they have completed their lap.  Runners may leave the course once they have completed a lap to take a comfort break, top up on food and water, have a quick lie down, etc, but must be back in the start coral in time for the next lap.

  • Only active competitors and event officials are allowed on course.

  • Each lap must be completed within an hour to be counted, including the final lap.

  • Due to the format and tactics that may be used in a race such as this, individual laps times are not recorded.

  • The winner is either the only person to complete all 12 laps within the time limit, or if there is more than one runner on the final lap, the first person to cross the finish line on the final lap.

  • Results will be recorded in terms of distance covered within the allocated time limits.

  • If no one completed all 12 laps within the time limit, there is no winner.

  • Runners may be required to use lights towards the end of the race as sunset approaches.

  • Race numbers must be worn whilst racing.  Write any medical information on the back of your number. If a competitior is found on course without their race number they will be disqualified from the race.

  • Cheating in any way will not be tollerated and will result in disqaulification.


We are hopeful that by the time the event comes around that the precautions required in response to Covid-19 will be less but we are planning measures to maximise the safety of the event.  Measures may be added or withdrawn as necessary which will all be confirmed to runners ahead of the event but may include the following;

  • Competitor numbers will be limited to ensure clear space on course and on site.

  • Runners will have to be self sufficient.  There will be an area by the start corral where competitors can store food, drinks, extra clothes, lights, etc, which they will be able to access at the end of each lap.

  • Maintain hygiene and social distancing protocals at all times.  There will be ample space on site so please park, queue, line up and camp accordingly.

  • Use the supplied alcohol hand wash at all 'touch points'.

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